A child’s schooling is always a crucial decision for his or her parents. Indeed, it is the place where the child will spend a large part of his time in the coming years, but also where he will discover the world, learn new things, meet friends, develop and flourish. It is therefore essential to pay particular attention to the choice of school where to enrol your child. The offer in this field is very developed in Paris, but in recent years alternative pedagogies have been on the rise and more specifically the Montessori method.

What is the Montessori method?

Created by Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor with a long interest in child development and education, this method was so successful in the last century that it spread throughout the world through schools following the ideas of its founder. Based on a simple basis according to which each child has incredible learning capacities that must be stimulated taking into account his or her individuality and personality, the Montessori method thus places the child at the heart of his or her learning. Therefore, it is necessary to let it go at its own pace while creating a supportive environment in a climate of caring. These conditions will allow each child to explore and express their potential and grow to become a confident and autonomous adult fully aware of the world around them.

The particularities of a Montessori school in Paris

In order to allow each child to express his or her full potential and to allow his or her natural curiosity to be expressed in the service of learning, it is necessary to create the appropriate environment. This is why a Montessori school in Paris like 123Monecole.com has very different spaces and classrooms from what can generally be observed in traditional schools. Indeed, the classes are organized in a different way by providing the children with all the material necessary for learning in each subject, so that they can freely access them and store them alone when they have finished in order to develop their autonomy. In addition, the organization has also been designed with this objective in mind, since each child is free to choose the activity he or she wishes to carry out. Indeed, he can use the material he wants to develop his reasoning and learn by himself while being accompanied by a trained educator who can guide him and lead him to question himself to find the answers by himself and not bring him ready-made solutions. This approach helps the child to learn to think for himself and to build abstraction skills under the benevolent guidance of an adult. Finally, the levels of Montessori schools are less rigid than in traditional schools and operate in age groups to give everyone time to evolve at their own pace.