A lot of people want to live in Paris, and a lot of people need to learn French to do so. A bilingual school in Paris provides a lot of benefits that both categories of people need, especially where they overlap. Students there will have a place where they can speak their preferred language of the two, while learning both quickly through immersion. Often, the school also provides the greatest of necessities: a place to live.

All of these are especially true for young international students sent by their parents to Paris. Bilingual schools catering to school-age children also provide the welcoming environment and attention that they need (plus plenty of friends to make, as school often does). But whether it’s a child or an adult, the biggest benefits of international school are the ones we might acknowledge, but never examine.

Cultural immersion!

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren Running Outside By living in Paris, you get a great idea not just of how the city works, but of French culture in general. People live differently from city to city and country to country. Although a bilingual school itself provides a comfortable “safe zone” by which to live more-or-less as someone already has, it’s a great stepping stone to learning about things that are unfamiliar, but which will hopefully one day be familiar.

Take field trips or class studies, for example. A bilingual international school understands that many Parisian landmarks are the stuff of dreams for others, so often, classes themselves include going to locations like the Louvre or the Ferme du Piqueur. This makes them both more accessible and more integral to international students!

These things provide a valuable window into French culture, which itself has affected many other parts of the world, so they’re not to be missed. Though many people study in France because they admire it, it’s important to appreciate just how much you (or your child) will “soak in” and learn while studying!