The internet is a dynamic, ever changing and powerful environment, and to succeed in the 21st Century business world, your window to the cyber world has to be at the top of its game. To help you achieve this, PTI International Atlanta are at your call. They bring 24 years of web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) experience to your on-line business presence. PTi International Atlanta can give your website the power to maximize and realize the market exposure your business deserves, through excellent website design and adding the very best SEO tools.

Good communication in the cyber age

Good communication is the key to successfully building and developing your business in the first place. After all, you could have the best product to sell in the world but if no one knows about it, then it’s going to be hard work with little chance of success. So carrying on your good communication ethos into the marketing and selling of your services will get you a place in the game. Whether it’s through your interaction with colleagues, contractors, vendors or business partners, keeping that communication optimal is a winning strategy. Carrying this philosophy on through your web presence, that invaluable tool in the 21st century cyber age, is essential. Clear communication is the key to the internet market place. Straightforward functionality and clarity will contribute to the success of your on-line business presence, and as it’s your shop window, you’ll want to make sure as many customers are able to find your website as possible. PTi International can help you achieve this by providing you with a premier website design service and a maximized search engine optimisation (SEO) service for your website.

So what is SEO, and how can my business website benefit from it?

SEOSEO, Search engine optimization, is a methodology of tactics, strategies, and techniques adopted to increase visitor numbers to a website, by means of achieving high ranked placements on search engine results pages, i.e Google. Whilst a search engine will produce thousands of ‘hits’ for whatever term you have asked it to search for, your average user will not go through all those pages and pages of results, but will tend to look at the first couple of pages at best. If your business appears on that first page, then your website is most likely to receive more viewings than those appearing several pages down below, and thus you’ll generate more visitors to your website and potentially more business for you.

So aside from a state of the art new website, how exactly can PTI International Atlanta help my business?

atlanta seo agencyPTi International has been in business since 1992, the very early days of SEO, pre-Google. They have a long and successful history of designing and building interactive web applications, both globally and locally. With design creativity and marketing excellence, as well as their technical expertise, they have produced effective and efficient e-Tools, and by necessity have been at the forefront of SEO efforts, especially since the advent of Google in 1998. With vision, good planning and always keeping an eye on the future, PTi International continue to provide up-to-date customer education, seo training and marketing solutions.

Atlanta SEO Training service from PTi International

Agencies who have the necessary SEO information and tools to optimize a websites Google profile, offer a SEO training service to companies who need help with their websites. PTi International offer such a service in Atlanta. They deliver training programs in SEO, covering the all the SEO essentials you’ll need, and through adopting their trainings, your company will be well on the way to making it onto Google’s first search results page, with business presence increased in tandem with growth.

internet marketing atlantaDoes Google see your local Atlanta business?

Google has a deceptively simple user interface and design and it quickly became the top search engine when released in 1998. So how do you get Google to see your business website? Google of course have their trade secrets, but the simple answer is to get some local SEO expert input into your website. To become an expert SEO company, PTi International share information with the local SEO community, they are not afraid of trying new things and have the experience to make some very educated guesses. Add to this a business ethic of hard work and great service, hiring PTi International will optimize your cyber presence for maximum search engine success, worldwide or local.

Local Search Engine Optimisation for Atlanta

local business

Your business may depend on finding local customers in your own area, i.e. in Atlanta. The fact of the matter is most customers, when looking for information on services or for the best deals around, no longer use the yellow pages or local directories, but look on-line for this information. Thus a local SEO enhanced website will be an invaluable asset to your business inn its search for local customers in Atlanta. Everyone is looking for the best value for money deal, and what better tool than the internet to help you with your search. Local SEO can take account of any ratings and reviews of your service compared to other businesses in the local area, so by concentrating on the factors that contribute to the best local SEO for your website, your business can make the Google front page. End result: your customers can easily find you, and if more people view your business website, this should mean an upward drive in your business sales, whatever business you’re in.

More information about PTi International

PTI International are based in Atlanta Georgia, and for more information on PTi International, and their services and products, drop them an email to or call them at 770-454-1777