If you are looking for an original gift, why not offer wine excellence with a turnkey discovery? The wine box, or the velvety amalgam of wine and the story it tells, shows how precious, refined and exclusive the wine is. Give yourself a treat or make a beautiful and original gift to someone! Prepare yourself for splendid surprises thanks to the tasting of wines rich in aromas and the discovery of new tastes.

The box wine version allows to benefit from the oenologists’ experience and to finally have the opportunity to constitute, or to complete, a cellar with great wines unpublished. Thanks to the subscription on the sites that offer this box, you will have the opportunity to offer an original gift, which lasts a long time and which is renewed every month. This is a very personal way to offer wine!

The different subscription formulas from lepetitballon.co.uk for example adapt to all requirements. Each month, the member receives, inside his box, 2 bottles of wine from the catalog, according to the formula of subscription that has been chosen.

We appreciate the possibility of accompanying each meal with a good glass of wine, such as enjoying a good bottle during an aperitif with friends or for any other occasion. Thanks to this concept, everyone can be assured that they always hold excellent bottles of wine in reserve and dispose of them on planned or unexpected occasions, without being led by chance.

It also becomes possible to keep the best wines in the cellar to enjoy even more intense aromas after careful aging. The variety of offers makes it possible to satisfy the desires and the tastes of all, and adapts to all the exchanges. From table wine to vintage wines, to bottles from distant latitudes, the palette of choice satisfies the amateurs as the most curious.

For budding oenologists, connoisseurs, or even for those who wish to learn, the box wine version is ideal. It makes it possible to discover each month the largest grape varieties. If you choose to offer it, this box is simply a unique thought full of feelings. Play the originality, offer, or try, an indelible experience for the taste buds and the palate!