Automating all of your marketing is called “Marketing Automation”. Programmable automatons (software), automatically take care of more or less complex tasks in the world of marketing, this can go from the creation of personalized emails (or not), to the algorithmic optimization of bidding campaigns such as Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

User behavior in new algorithms

Offering a personalized experience is the big trend of the moment, and the big e-commerce sites such as Amazon, WallMart and Apple have understood it well. Powerful algorithms try to personalize the navigation within the websites. Some e-commerce sites do not hesitate to go to the limit of digital harassment, such as CDiscount in Francewhich sends you “endless” reminder emails if you have put a product in your cart and you have not completed the purchase, they even sometimes go so far as to harass you on the phone to force your hand and finalize your transaction!

User scoring

“I am not a number, I am a free man! You may remember the famous phrase from prisoner number 6. This 60’s TV series was way ahead of its time. In marketing automation, scoring and identifying group membership is the key to algorithms. The user must be put into a box in order to be able to target them as closely as possible to their tastes and desires of the moment. Profiling is therefore done from several sources:

  • the way they navigate on the website
  • the data acquired via social networks (facebook pixel and other various spying methods)
  • if he has filled in fields on the website
  • if the company has acquired data on the prospect
  • etc.

Once the Internet user is categorized and noted, powerful tools like Gamned! can automatically propose offers that could correspond to his interests, and this can be done in a totally respectful and anonymous way.

Advertising automation For the creation of ads

When you have a large catalog of products, it is almost impossible to create your ads by hand. It is therefore necessary to generate them automatically. With texts with holes and more or less evolved algorithms, allowing to bring a little feelings in the ad. This sometimes results in funny ads, but over time they are automatically filtered out because of low quality.